About Us

Many businesses today have suffered countless disappointments as a result of working with contractors who operate out of sync with budget and timescales. Oftentimes, this is as a result of poor communication - and communication, as we all know, is the code that unlocks potential and success. The reality is that most businesses simply want to connect with known, reputable, suppliers who can overcome bottlenecks and deliver to budget and time – time after time. It is this need in the marketplace that has inspired the launch of Kode Concepts and continues to inspire and drive us forward every step of the way..


From providing Information Systems (Technology) solutions to medium, large and global enterprises to helping clients benefit from the massive investment in the IT sector, we’ve got it covered. We provide leadership in application development, Business Process Re-Engineering and infrastructure projects in a fully managed services structure. We are suitably skilled and experienced to deliver complex projects involving large budgets and multiple distributed stakeholders. We are knowledgeable agile professionals who can get into the space, educate, inspire and deliver on time and within budget. In our rule book, there is no ‘mission impossible’.

Kode Concepts is a personable, reliable and adventurous brand. We want our clients to have an experience with us that is fresh, exciting, edgy and yet practical and dependable. We value simple solution, speed, reliability, measurability and social interaction. We are not the cheapest service provider in the market because we provide value and personal attention to detail that you will struggle to find anywhere else. We communicate with our clients in simple jargon free language that breaks down cost savings and value added at key steps of our process. Our team building events are out of the box. We believe that routine business tasks should be automated, setting entrepreneurs free to unlock results and live life to the fullest. Working with us is never business as usual. It's an adventure. So let's get started!


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